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A nationwide state of emergency has been declared.

A nationwide state of emergency has been declared due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This covers all of New Zealand including the Chatham Islands, Stewart Island and other offshore islands.

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Messages from the Tumuaki

He pī ka rere

Uplift the iwi

We have launched our “He pī ka rere” webpage to lift our collective wairua at this time. We will be adding new and archived content to this webpage. You can learn a waiata, read a story book, investigate our online catclogue.


Caring for each other

Our shared obligations to care for one another, with particular emphasis on caring for our youth and our elders.


Guardianship for future generations

Represents our obligations to protect our culture, our environment, our resources and our people today and for
future generations, in accordance with our cultural practices.

Ngāti Awatanga

Our language and culture
Uphold and protect our language and culture – which derive from our shared ancestry – as the cornerstone of our unique identity.


These guidelines are to support whanau, hapū and marae and iwi to care for themselves and others during tangihanga.

Practices to keep ourselves and others safe during the pandemic