He pī ka rere

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Nau mai haere mai ki tēnei whārangi “He pī ka rere” hei whakaohooho i te wairua i tēnei wā.

Welcome to our “He pī ka rere” page. We will be posting daily updates to this webpage to help support and comfort us all during this difficult time.
Learn a waiata, read a story book, upload a video of how you and your whānau are coping during Covid-19. Tag #hepikarere and your post will show here on our website
Kia tau tonu ngā manaakitanga o te waahi ngaro ki runga i a tātau.

Backyard Photography Competition


Natural World

Asaiah Kinghazel 10

Riana Raerino 13

Rangipare Belshaw-Ngaropo 25


Moana-Lee Arthur 11

Whatonga Uamauru 16

Merenia Hudson 22

Black & White

Paiheke Wharewera-McGarvey 6

Manaia Wikeepa 12

Kate Irvine 45


Haweti Wilson 7

Karewa Arthur 13

Anthony Hudson 53


Best overall


Best overall


Best overall

He pī ka rere updates

Day 1

He Purapura Tuāwhiti

Day 2

Learn to weave a Kono

Day 3

Te Ngārara me te kaipuke Pākehā

Day 4

Whare Taonga – Mataatua Wharenui

Day 5

Build your own Maara Kai​

Day 6

Mere Faulkner - Waka Huia

Mere Faulkner from Motiti Island shares childhood memories of kapa haka.

Day 7

Kihi o Ngāti Pūkeko

Day 8

Caring for your Taonga - Te Papa

Day 9

Moutohora Kuia Harvest

Day 10

Mahi Whai - String game resources

A traditional game where a looped piece of string is passed around the figers of each hand, and shapes or designs are made. The full name of this game, Te Whai-Wawewawe-ā-Māui‚ comes from the atua Māui.

Day 11

He Kura te Tangata Waka Huia

Kaumatua kapa haka festival in which Kaumatua gather at Te Papa to celebrate  Māori composers of the past and their songs. 

Day 12

How To: Make a Cook Island 'Ei

Cook Islands’ artist ANI O’NEILL shares a few tips in making these gifts of welcome, known in the Cook Islands as ‘EI.

Day 13


Ko Tarakura he taniwha i noho ki te awa o Pikowai.

Day 14

Awanuiarangi May 2000

Day 15

How to find Matariki

Day 16

Te Hokinga Mai o Te Rua Tekau mā Waru

I te Rāapa te 23 o Hānuere 1946, ka tōia mai te Dominion Monarch ki runga o Te Whanganui-a-Tara me ngā mōrehu o Te Rua Tekau mā Waru.

Day 17

Toroa rāua ko Wairaka

Day 18

Kīwaha -Give it a go!

Source: Radio New Zealand

Day 19

Katerina Waiari

Day 20

Back to School preparation!

Fun wellbeing activities to help get you ready for kura!

Day 21

Taringa Podcasts

With a mixture of Māori and English, the Taringa podcast the perfect way to learn te reo and tikanga Māori in a fun and relaxed way

Day 22


Day 23

Te Kei Merito

What happens when Ngāti Rangataua knowledge meets the musings of an American president? Te Kei Merito reveals how he rose to the top of the New Zealand army

Day 24

Mind Lab Kids is a free resource that gives your 5-12 year old fun, creative, home-based experiments and problems to solve. 

Day 25

Onehou Phillis

Te Reo o te Māreikura – A collection of kōrero from Ngāti Awa Kuia Onehou Phillis.

Day 26

Ko Mataatua Whare

Day 27

How to make a paper poppy for ANZAC Day

Day 28

Te Kooti - Voices from the Iwi.

Speakers from a number of iwi challenge myths and share kōrero about Te Kooti’s positive influence in their lives.

Day 29

Donate to the RSA

Because of  COVID-19, the RSA is losing a vital opportunity to fundraise for its services on its annual Poppy Day Appeal.

You can still contribute by donating to the ‘Let’s Not Forget’ campaign.

Day 30

Anzac Biscuits

Anzac biscuits have long been associated with the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps established in World War I. Try this Edmonds recipe to make a soft chewy version of the Anzac biscuit.

Day 31

Lest we forget

Day 32

Te Waka Mataatua

Day 33

Profile of Ta Hirini Moko Mead

Day 34

Need a coffee fix? White Island Cafe is now taking online orders!

Day 35

Toa Jiu-jitsu Tutorials in Te Reo Māori

A series of te reo Māori Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) tutorials featuring rising national and international athlete Hakaraia Wilson has been launched online.

Day 36

Ngāti Awa Business Directory

Looking to help rebuild the economy a little closer to home? Support a Ngāti Awa business to thrive, you can find them on our business directory page.

Day 37

Missing your Whānau? Try a Zoom!

It’s easy to get started.

  • Sign up for zoom
  • Watch the Tutorials if you like.
  • Download the app.
  • If you want to talk for more than 40 minutes then schedule a meeting.

Day 38

Ngamaru Raerino

Ngamaru Raerino grew up in the small town of Te Teko. At school he was told he would be nothing but an aimless rogue, he made a vow to prove his teacher wrong

Day 39

The Side Eye Comic Series

Toby Morris’ The Side Eye comic series takes a look and documents life and society in NZ. Be sure to read about Tasia and her life during lockdown.

Day 40

One week to Level 2!

Te Tahi o te Rangi

Day 41

Caring for your Taonga

Day 42

Hikitia Te Hā is a series of simple te ao Māori breathing exercises that anyone can learn.

Day 43

No live gigs this music month so why not treat yourself to the music of the Modern Māori Quartet.

Day 44

Joe Harawira

Today we take a glimpse into the lives of Joe Harawira and the ex-sawmill workers of Whakatane

Day 45

Kāputi & Kōrero

Kaupapa: Hear what these Māori musicians have been up to during the rāhui and their kōrero about making music in Aotearoa, waiata and whakawhanaungatanga

Day 46

The Green Chain

This homegrown Erin Brockovich story follows former Whakatāne sawmill worker Joe Harawira and his long battle to reveal the impact that workplace toxins have had on his community. The Joe versus the mills crusade screened on Māori Television, and won Best Popular Documentary at the 2012 NZ Television Awards.

Day 47

Make a Tapeka/Wall Hanging

Day 48

Waaka Vercoe

As a qualified accountant, Waaka Vercoe has a long history as a governor, including directorships on various commercial iwi owned entities and has served on many boards both locally and nationally.

Day 49

Nga Purakau o Ngāti Awa

Day 50

Level 2